Davidoff Gold



Lights flavour. Regular king size.

Tar content: 7 mg, Nicotine content: 0.6 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

Famous Davidoff charcoal filter.

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£49.60 per carton

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The number of manufacturers of tobacco products in the world is difficult to calculate. But Davidoff cigarettes stand apart of a crowd. Products under this brand are manufactured by Imperial Tobacco - the international company, whose shareholders acquired production in 2006, after the death of the famous founder.

Today, Davidoff is committed to the traditions laid by the founder, which is expressed in the production of first-class products with modern style. Unique brand cigarettes - a combination of high-quality production materials, elite varieties of tobacco and entertaining design. The brand is in demand among those who know how to appreciate perfection, it is a model of elegance, luxury and fragility.

Davidoff is chosen by wealthy smokers, their cost is high, but justified by matching quality. Tobacco, from which cigarettes are made, is on par with Dimo ​​and Springwater. This is the best-selling brand in seventy countries, the winner of the award for “Best Packaging Design” (2008) and total sales brings to Imperial Tobacco almost $ 700 million.

The creator of the brand is Zino (Henri) Davidoff, born in the Russian empire in the Davydov family, who moved to Europe in the early twentieth century. The first store of the brand was opened by Zino's parents in the Swiss city of Geneva. The whole family, one way or another, participated in the production and transformation of the store into a large company; they studied the properties and methods of growing and preparing raw materials. This ensured success, soon the brand won a worthy place in the market and became famous in many European countries.

The brand caused a sensation with the Chateau line of cigars, it was named after the famous brand of wine and was released in 1946. In 1970, the brand changed ownership, it was Oettinger that achieved world fame for Davidoff. With the advent of new technologies, mass production was improved, and it became possible to buy brand products in almost every country.

The brand also began to expand its product range, Davidoff Classic cigarettes appeared, and with them White and others. Initially, products were manufactured in Cuba, but over time, the geography of production moved to the Dominican Republic.

Davidoff Gold cigarettes are characterized by a beautiful stylish design, the result of the works of talented artists, and high cost (higher than that of other types), because these products are elite. Connoisseurs of high-quality tobacco appreciated the tart and rich taste of the Gold category cigarettes.

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