Kent 3 in 1 (three capsules)



The only cigarettes with Three capsules inside! 

Exotic, melon, bubble gum. Compact "queen" size.

Tar content: 6 mg, Nicotine content: 0.5 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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In 1952, Lorillard Tobacco Company released the first cigarettes under the KENT brand name. With a length of 70 mm and a mild category (medium), they were for the first time in history equipped with an asbestos filter, which was later replaced with a charcoal filter (asbestos has been proven as an agent causing cancer). Cigarettes were produced in soft pack typical for that time and they were very expensive.

Great brands are growing and developing all the time. They depend on the opinion of the consumer and adapt to the tastes of the majority. The demanding audience is the main engine of development and improvement for the most popular brands. Competition in the market is unusually high, and in order to survive, companies carefully monitor the quality and attractiveness of the product.

The brand got its name in honor of the founder of Lorillard - Herbert Kent. Cigarettes instantly gained crazy popularity. These cigarettes were even used as a currency and exchanging packs for necessary things and products.

After the acquisition of the brand by British American Tobacco in the 70s, KENT began to spread outside of America. In the 80s, after a long lull and stability in the tobacco market, competitors show the world a new category of strength - light cigarettes, which, thanks to a milder taste, immediately surpasses the mild KENT. This causes a decline in sales and brand popularity.

In the 90s of the twentieth century, the company decided to rebrand (change the logo, design, slogan) in order to maintain its leading position in the market.

The brand has got a numeric “strength scale” indicating the tar level: 1, 4, and 8 (light, medium, and strong). The manufacturer begins to deploy extensive advertising campaigns designed to demonstrate the merits of the three new products. The emphasis is first on the emotional side, and then on updating the image.

As a result, KENT enters the world market, being the leader in the premium category. Now British American Tobacco regularly presents to its brand lovers new solutions, original bright packaging, and more strength types.

The distinction of this brand from its direct competitors consists of using only high-quality raw materials and a good filter system in each cigarette, which reduces the number of harmful effects on the smoker’s lungs. Being in the middle price segment and possessing a large number of flavors (compared to competitors), this brand of cigarettes occupies a leading position among cigarette connoisseurs and consumers of tobacco products. Here everyone will find a suitable strength and size.

Kent 3 in 1 is the only product with three different capsules per cigarette, capsule click technology quickly gained popularity due to an interesting innovative solution. You can puzzle combinations of the following tastes: Exotic, melon, bubble gum. Which gives you 7 different aroma options! 

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