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Lights flavour. Regular king size.

Tar content: 4 mg, Nicotine content: 0.4 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£38.10 per carton

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West cigarettes made in Germany. Country of origin usually calls the following associations: legendary quality, new and development, thoroughness in execution. All these characteristics is about this popular brand, which was born about 40 years ago and immediately captured half of the tobacco market.

In 1981 German company - Reemtsma started production of a new cigarette brand – "West". At first, the purchase of these cigarettes was possible only in the network of special tobacco stores. Now these European cigarettes are exported to about 100 countries. West brand left the brightest trace in the field of promotion of products on the market thanks to good marketing moves. For the first time tobacco product of the new brand appeared in Germany.

Debut in 1981 was preceded by a vigorous advertising campaign with sonorous slogan "let's go West!". It took only 1 year to take one of the leading positions in sales of the new tobacco product. To increase brand awareness in 1986 company launched a large-scale promotion with the speaking slogan "Test the West!". The idea of the campaign was banal and simple but advertising had a huge success.

The next promotion campaign started in 1999, which became a kind of further development of "Test the West!". The main advertising slogan: "Equality for all". The main focus was on young smokers with unique views on life. Some advertising materials today would be banned in many countries because campaign was very provocative. For a long time the brand sponsored sports competitions. West cigarette brand provided financial assistance to car racing teams, acting in the "Formula 1". Due to this, the brand advertised itself as a tobacco product for men, strong in spirit and body.

2002 brought changes to the Reemtsma company – it became part of the Imperial Tobacco Group. It is the 4th largest international tobacco organization in the world.

Distinctive features of the cigarettes which are let out under the West brand are traditional taste of tobacco blend, minimalism in pack design, bright colours and the accurate form.

But, the most important thing is the development and manufacture of high-quality cigarette filters:

  • The filter of coal and acetate is a cylinder of acetate fiber, top covered with paper. In addition to it, activated charcoal is used, which performs the function of removing part of the harmful components of tobacco smoke.
  • Charcoal version of the filter in the form of a mouthpiece – combines W segment, which are filled with coal, acetate and air.
  • StreamTec filter is a 2-section plastic construction. In 1st section there is a classic charcoal filter. Mixed with air, the smoke gets to the 2nd camera, which features a specially designed StreamTec thing, similar in its outline to the propeller. In this part, the smoke is dissipated in a special way, allowing the taste of the cigarette to fully open.
  • Crush Ball filter system contains a capsule filled with menthol.

West cigarettes come with American Blend tobacco that combines high-quality American sorts Burleу, Virginia and a small amount of fragrant tobaccos. They provide an incredible taste of the tobacco product. Despite a decent number of brand flavours, cigarettes have only a classic tobacco and menthol flavour.

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