Vogue Menthe



Menthol flavour. Super Slims size.

Tar content: 7 mg, Nicotine content: 0.7 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£52.90 per carton

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Vogue brand is different and recognized as the most popular ladies’ cigarettes. Vogue first appeared on the tobacco market in 1932. To this day, every lady who is not indifferent to smoking, will pay attention to the Vogue, which have great charm and elegance.

The brand was initially positioned on the tobacco market as a ladies' one. In contrast to the men cigs, the products have a thin, elongated shape, a pleasant aroma that overlaps the smell of heavy men cigarettes and Vogues are ultralight in smoking, which is quite popular among smokers.

During its existence brand has gone through various processes of re-branding. Regardless the different economic conditions has always remained extremely popular.

With the development of the brand, more and more of its flavours appeared, which diversified the choice of the fairer sex. They differed only by nicotine levels. Repeatedly changed design and the type of pack. For example, 2008 is remarkable by launch of the Ephemera flavour, the famous French designer Jean-Pierre Ollier has developed the design of the pack. But no matter how the appearance has changed the pleasant taste remains the same.

Generally there are the following flavours of Vogue cigarettes:


Blanche (the minimum content of tar and nicotine, which is 1 and 0.1 mg);

  • Noire (slightly more tar and nicotine — 4 and 0.5 mg);
  • Arome L'attraction (tar and nicotine are 7 and 0.6 mg);
  • Arome L'adoration (tar and nicotine are 7 and 0.6 mg);
  • Arome L'emotion (tar and nicotine are 7 and 0.6 mg);
  • Superslims Lilac (as in Vogue Noire — tar and nicotine are 4 and 0.5 mg);
  • Superslims Mente (tar and nicotine are 7 and 0.7 mg);
  • Superslims Bleue (tar and nicotine are 7 and 0.7 mg).

Each of the flavours is unique and inimitable. Very interesting classic flavours are: Vogue Superslims and Vogue Superslims Menthol. They are the first cigarettes presented as super lights, which, of course, had a great success and the women rushed to the shelves to try them and feel the lightness and exquisite taste of cigarettes.

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