Vogue Bleue



Vogue Blue. Classic flavour. Super Slims.

Tar content: 7 mg, Nicotine content: 0.7 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£57.00 per carton

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The Vogue brand is a standard of ladies' cigarettes, strongly associated with elegance, refinement, tenderness and ease. Vogue premium cigarettes first appeared on the market in 1932. Since then, having come a long way, they are still very much loved by representatives of the fairer sex and have become a fashion accessory of modern elegant fashionistas.

Vogue brand was originally positioned as ladies’ cigarettes. It is the feature that determines the aroma of long thin cigarettes, the design of the pack and the strategy of promotion on the market. Since its inception, Vogue immediately won the hearts of all women who have long dreamed to stand out from the men smokers.

Against the background of strong men cigarettes with a tart tobacco taste in rough packs, ladies ' thin Vogue cigarettes, carefully Packed in a fragile elegant pack cause delight. Being a woman in everything, boldly emphasize their sophistication — that's what Vogue cigarettes allowed to beautiful ladies. And representatives of the beautiful half of humanity appreciated this offer.

In 1999, British American Tobacco merged with Rothmans International and the Vogue brand moved to the BAT portfolio. From that moment active promotion of Vogue started in world market. British American Tobacco has launched a well-known advertising campaign "Seasons", in which Vogue cigarettes advertised exclusively as women’s, and, in addition, the advertisement proclaimed a certain superiority of women over men, which attracted many female smokers.

In 2005, British American Tobacco surprised the world again by releasing Vogue Aroma cigarettes, which have now become almost a separate line of Vogue cigarettes. In the production process of these cigarettes in tobacco added different flavours, which radically changes the smell, aroma of smoke, making the cigarette more pleasant. For these cigarettes was also invented a new format and design packs with the image of flowing silk.

If you decide to produce any products for women, be prepared for the fact that you will have to produce more and more of new types and flavours. Realizing this, British American Tobacco company in 2007 has released new super light cigarette flavours under the Vogue brand name – Blanche and Noire. The first has the effect of coolness, and the second on the contrary is able to warm. The company was the first implemented this idea and nobody did this before so these ultra-light cigarettes immediately gained a great success with fair sex.

In 2008, BAT launched a new Vogue Ephemere with new pack design developed by the French designer Jean-Pierre Ollier (Jean-Pierre Ollier).

Like all British American Tobacco products, the Vogue brand has changed its design to a more modern style, but the quality of tobacco and the great taste of Vogue cigarettes have remained unchanged.

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