Muratti Violetto



Mild flavour. Super Slims. Ultra Lights.

Tar content: 3 mg, Nicotine content: 0.3 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£44.90 per carton

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All types of Muratti cigarettes are suitable for women. The packaging has a beautiful shade, interesting pattern, cigarettes are thin and light. Muratti Ambassador Blue and Azzurro are targeting men audience. The pack has a neutral white colour, and the cigarette itself is thick. They are also quite strong. The last two points of the standard size cigarette (short, rather thick). Muratti Ambassador Blue has a carbon multi-filter, because this type is popular. "Muratti" does not have different tastes, but they have a pleasant aroma. 1 pack contains 20 cigarettes with individual design.

A variety of colors, unique design, strength of cigarettes allows the lady to look individually, choose your own style, complement the image, emphasize the mood and sense of taste. By the way, the color of the pack can determine the strength of cigarettes. It has been selected in accordance with precious metals. If the package is coated with gold – cigarettes will be strong, silver – medium strength, pearl – the lightest. Muratti produced mainly for women, so they have a very thin form. Super Slim cigarettes differ in the structure of the filter, it has a special layer, which is made of absorbents. Also on the filter there are holes for ventilation. This allows air to flow. And the more holes there are, the lighter the cigarette is.

It is possible to tell for sure that cigarettes "Muratti" are targeted on ladies audience, thanks to pleasant taste and attractive design. Women prefer light taste that are inherent to cigarettes of this brand. Some men will also like them very much.

Muratti Super Slims is not just cigarettes – it's part of the image. If woman smokes, than Muratti cigarettes are the great choice. There are several reasons for this: the pack is thin, it can easily fit into ordinary handbag or an elegant clutch, even in a small purse; the pack is beautiful and stylish, will emphasize the image and give femininity; aroma; high quality tobacco; filter made of special materials, layers.

Muratti is considered to be ladies cigarettes. And indeed, they are aimed at this audience, because they are light. If we analyse some of the most purchased light cigarettes, we can conclude that the amount of harmful substances in one product is not particularly different than in stronger tobacco products. Among cigarettes, which are considered to be light, there are some types of tobacco products that are focused only on women audience. This is a thin lady's cigarette. It is here that manufacturers pay great attention to the design of the appearance of the pack, because this is the main advantage of these cigarettes.

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