Muratti Rosso



Lights flavour. Super Slims.

Tar content: 5 mg, Nicotine content: 0.4 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£44.90 per carton

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Muratti Cigarettes are manufactured by Philip Morris Corporation. This brand is produced in more than 20 countries and it is a brand for business people.

Ian Billingham, Director for mid-priced segment brands, said that the updated line of Muratti cigarettes is promoted in cafes, restaurants, shops, clubs. The new Muratti pack of super slims format with all its outlines shows belonging of this brand to the female audience: it is the smoothness of lines, and stamping, imitating a string of beads made of precious stones.

Muratti brand of cigarettes has been known for a long time, although little is known about its origin and history. Muratti cigarettes, the types of which were quite popular, because of the high cost are considered to be elite.

There was a time when they were even completely forgotten, but later the manufacturer regained fame, and now they can rightfully compete in popularity with serious brands of tobacco products known all over the world.

Muratti's products are aimed to the women audience, this range is often light cigarettes. It is believed that the composition of light cigarettes is less harmful than regular ones. But that's not quite true.

It is absolutely true that light tobacco products differ from the heavier by original filling of its filter: in the first case, there are special ventilation micro-holes and interlayers that are made of special materials. They hold a certain amount of harmful substances.

Many tobacco corporations have come up with a modern filter that barriers some part of toxins released during smoking.

Initially, different types of these cigarettes were produced for well-off people, but the high price did not match their quality. In our time, the situation has changed — a rich assortment of Muratti cigs has been completely updated, the appearance of packs has become noticeably prettier and absolutely unique. And now the buyer can buy the best tobacco products around the world at a very attractive price.

The entire product range of Muratti with a special "highlight" — packs decorated with special embossing and imitation jewelry. Appearance packs and cigarettes themselves are very original and have a pleasant taste. Muratti tobacco products are well known for the originality of their design and taste. They differ from other brands in high quality and great design, so beloved by women.

Muratti cigarettes is considered to be women cigarette brand. And indeed, they are aimed at this audience, because they are light. If we analyze some of the most purchased light cigarette brands, we can see that the levels of harmful substances in one product is not particularly different from the stronger tobacco products. Among cigarettes, which are considered to be light, there are some types of tobacco products that are focused only on female buyers. This is a thin lady's cigarette. Manufacturers pay great attention to the design of the appearance of the pack, because this is the main advantage in favor of the acquisition of these cigarettes.

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