Mevius Sky Blue



Classic mild flavor. Regular king size.

Tar content: 6 mg, Nicotine content: 0.5 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£46.90 per carton

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Mevius is the result of the third rebranding of the same cigarettes. The original brand name is Seven Stars. The brand was launched in February 1969 and it was the first Japanese carbon filter cigarettes. Seven Stars was the leader in the domestic market of Japan, but despite this, in 1977, they underwent a re-branding - the design of the pack and the name changed to Mild Seven.

Marketers of Japan Tobacco found that the new name will contribute to the development of success. What is remarkable - the Seven Stars brand, later (in the early 2010s), was returned to the market as an independent JT brand, albeit in a different pack design.

The Mild Seven tobacco brand is the only Japanese brand in Japan Tobacco's global portfolio. The remaining key brands of the company were in the hands of the Japanese after the takeover of part of the business of American RJ Reynolds in 1999 (Winston, Camel) and the British Gallaher in 2007 (Sobranie, Benson & Hedges). Despite the "flagship" status, launched in Japan back in 1978, Mild Seven could not receive worldwide recognition.

The big barrier to the promotion of Mild Seven in most of European and American markets has become the name of cigarettes. As part of international tobacco control in many countries, manufacturers have been banned from using so-called descriptors - the words “light”, “soft”, etc. According to local laws, because of these words, consumers have a false opinion that these cigarettes are less harmful. The English word “mild” (“mild”, “moderate”) in these countries was blacklisted, which made selling the Mild Seven brand impossible.

With the new name, the company did not miscalculate - in the mid-1990s, Mild Seven took 1st place in the Japanese market and 3rd in the world, just behind Marlboro and Camel.

In 2007, an incident occurred that actually did the honor to the manufacturing company. At the beginning of 2007, a defective batch of cigarettes came out, it turned out that the filter was badly glued to cigarettes. As a result, Japan Tobacco recalled the entire batch, and these are 14,500 packs from all the stores in Tokyo and other prefectures.

In August 2012, Japan Tobacco announced the change of brand name to Mevius. This was due to anti-tobacco legislation prohibiting the use of the word "Mild" in the brand name. Now the main market of the brand is Japan, but official deliveries extend to another 17 countries of the world - Russia, the USA, the UK, Austria, etc.

Mevius, the new brand name, retains the letters “M” and “S” from Mild Seven, symbolizing the evolution and connection between the brand and its consumers, with the addition of the letters “E” and “V” and the letters “I” and “U, respectively ". The new name has been developed to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to preserving the global status of the brand in the premium segment by preserving brand value for consumers and constantly evolving with consumers around the world.

In the new design remains the icon and the blue color Mild Seven, which are popular among consumers. A bending upward visualizes the brand’s commitment to continuous evolution along with consumers. At the same time, the pack undergoes special processing to create a special texture, which allows to achieve subtle tactile sensations and emphasizes the premium positioning of the brand.

It is worth to mention that all Mevius products equipped by the Less Smoke Smell system that controls the smoke. For the sake of technology there is less smoke smell on skin, hair and clothes. What is the undoubted advantage of the brand.

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