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HEETS Purple for IQOS. Menthol and berry.

Nicotine content is same as in ordinary cigarette. 

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 heat sticks in each pack)

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£44.70 per carton

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IQOS e-cigarettes are becoming more popular every day. Smoking conventional cigarettes gradually finds an alternative and goes by the wayside, allowing electronic devices to develop. Tobacco sticks with IQOS device – “electronic” of new generation.

Philip Morris International (PMI) is one of the leading and largest tobacco companies in the world, occupying 15.7% of the world market. The headquarters is located in the Swiss city of Lausanne. The most popular brands of cigarettes PMI: "Bond Street", "L&M", "Parliament", "Marlboro", "Chesterfield".

The beginning of the Corporation's activity was the opening by the entrepreneur Philip Morris of a small tobacco shop in the capital of England – London on bond street in 1847. The company was part of the Altria Group and was called Philip Morris & Co., Ltd, but on March 28, 2008 separated, becoming independent.

B 2014, PMI has released the device, which received IQOS. This device is beginning a new era of Smoking. There is no acrid smoke, the taste remains the same, the natural taste of tobacco feels better. In Russia, it appeared relatively recently, but is rapidly gaining popularity among smokers.

Tobacco sticks are produced by several companies, including Marlboro, Parliament. Philip Morris International announced plans to abandon the production of conventional cigarettes, dealing only with the development of the heating system of tobacco.

There are only two IQOS models. The first generation of this device includes a holder in which the stick is inserted, and a charger designed to recharge it. Most recently, there was a model of IQOS that supports Bluetooth, it is possible to bind the device to a mobile phone using the program "Mu IQOS", this version of the device was named IQOS 2.4 Plus. The new version of this Smoking device is equipped with a faster charging, it is certainly a necessary upgrade.

As for nicotine, on packs of sticks write "Macca net tobacco mixture of 6.1 g", which translated into a language understandable to any smoker – 0.6 mg. Research scientists have shown that the harm caused to the smoker when using igos, reduced by 90-95% compared to conventional cigarettes.

Liquid for IQOS are not available, because for the use of this gadget liquid is not needed. It is enough to charge the device, insert a tobacco stick and you can enjoy Smoking in any convenient place. Different types of IQOS cigarettes are produced, for example: menthol; classic soft classic saturated; berry-menthol and others.

IQoS electronic cigarettes do not work by burning tobacco, but by heating it. Aphids, tobacco reaches a temperature of 600-800 degrees, this contributes to the release of combustion products that are inhaled by the smoker. B c using IQOS – to З50 degrees, the tobacco smoker inhales vapor, not smoke. This process occurs along the entire length of the stick, unlike a cigarette that burns only from the end. Tobacco heating system allows you to feel the natural taste of tobacco.

The device consists of the following elements:

• Holder – directly the part of the gadget where the stick is placed.

• Charger used to recharge the holder. Reminiscent of the principle of operation of a power bank.

• Interchangeable sticks – analogues of conventional cigarettes.

The main advantage of this device can be called the fact that when using it there is almost no smoke, odor is also absent. It can be smoked anywhere, including cafes, trains, airports. Ash is absent, respectively, its small particles do not fly in the air, there is no stable smell. He smells of clothes, hair, fingers – plus IQOS in front of smokers, in the company of which there are non-smokers.

HEETS for IQOS is specially designed heat sticks for use only with IQOS. HEETS Purple Label is flavour similar with Marlboro Double Mix. It has a menthol taste with fruit and berry flavours. Using in IQOS flavour becomes much softer than smoking ordinary cigarettes.

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