HEETS Green Zing



HEETS Green Zing for IQOS. Citrus taste. 

Nicotine content is low. Around 0.5 mg per stick. 

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 heat sticks in each pack)

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IQOS is a tobacco heating system, a technological and significantly less harmful alternative to cigarettes. The gadget works using the patented Temperature Control technology, heating the tobacco stick to a temperature of 300-350 degrees Celsius. This technology allows you to extract the usual taste, aroma and nicotine from tobacco, but not to set it on fire (for comparison, a cigarette burns at 700-800 °C) and avoid smoke with combustion products – the most harmful thing that is in cigarette smoking. And there is no ash, an unpleasant smell of burning and passive smoking with IQOS.

Heets sticks are universal sticks for heat-no-burn smoking. They are used with a tobacco heating system. They differ from classic cigarettes in the complete absence of a sharp smell, they cost the same, they come out more economically. They differ in a wide range of different flavorings, making the smoking process pleasant and interesting. Sticks contain less tobacco than cigarettes, and a dose of nicotine is replenished for 2-3 hours per use.

Global brands of tobacco products have been manufacturing sticks for IQOS (heat-no-burn technology) for the past few years. They are distinguished by a variety of tastes, the content of tobacco and smoke. Practical and beloved by users sticks are the Heets brand, which is produced by the Phillip Morris company.

Heat sticks are distinguished by a wide variety of colors, tobacco strength. Below is a list with a description of the sticks, for a visible difference, to determine which one will suit you. Different tastes give a different degree of saturation with tobacco, the amount of smoke, which should be taken into account when choosing.

HEETS Green Zing is a bright green pack that contains the original taste and aroma. Menthol and citrus flavor, especially lime, are a great way to dilute everyday smoking. Pleasant sweet taste, leaves an aftertaste-with sourness. There is little smoke, there is no unpleasant smell. The amount of tobacco is minimal. Perfect for those who are just starting to smoke or are already quitting. Green Heets have become in great demand among fans of safer smoking around the world.

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