Camel Blue



Lights flavor. Regular king size.

Tar content: 6 mg, Nicotine content: 0.5 mg

Sales unit is 1 carton which contains 10 packs.

(With 20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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£51.80 per carton

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This tobacco brand is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world. The history of the brand Camel is proof of how you can work for a long time, while maintaining the highest standards and top quality. Even today, the history of the tobacco market is essentially divided into two phases - before and after Camel. Researchers agree that the tobacco industry has changed significantly in this historical moment for it.

For the first time, Red Camel cigarettes have been launched in 1913. New tobacco product produced by large American corporation R.J. Reynolds Tobacco. Cigarettes at that time just appeared, the idea of ​​wrapping dry tobacco in thin paper and packing ready-made sticks in soft packs surprised and attracted the public. Such a convenient smoking option gained the attention of the public and stimulated the spread of bad habits. New Camel cigarettes were made from a blend of Virgin and Turkish tobacco. Later, this recipe was called American Blend and often used in other tobacco products. The name of the Camel changed quite quickly, lost its color, and the definition of Red disappeared from the packs.

A new brand of tobacco products quickly gained popularity, first in America and then around the world. Thanks to brilliant marketing. Sometime before the start of sales, a mysterious advertisement appeared in the local newspapers, foreshadowing the onslaught of camels. It has been republished several times with some details added. One ad crowed that "Tomorrow there'll be more CAMELS in this town than in all Asia and Africa combined!"

Only on the day of the sale the advertisement finally become completely clear: “Camel cigarettes are already here!”. Such an original and fresh approach to advertising provided the company a whole crowd of fans. After that, the already high percentage of market share increased in several times, making the brand widely recognizable.

From the first days of its existence, the brand creates around itself a romantic image of a free traveler. Exploiting such concepts as the desire to wander, the love of adventure, the brand "makes itself a face." The very fact that Camel cigarettes were packaged in American military survival kits only betrayed the brand charm.

Finalizing the image of men's high-quality cigarettes with the character of the company helps the most real male competition. Racing, cars, adrenaline and speed are all favorite toys of real men.

This competition is known as the Camel Trophy. During the 20 years that this racing challenge exists, over 150 teams have already participated in it, and the event itself took place in 24 countries around the world.

In 1999, the Japanese tobacco concern Japan Tobacco buys the business of RJL International, and with it the exclusive right to develop, manufacture and sell cigarettes under the Camel trademark, as well as Winston and Salem.

Advertising agents of the Land of the Rising Sun thought and decided that the image of a dirty, tired traveler no longer beckons a modern man to himself. He likes comfort, cleanliness and warmth of a home fireplace. And then it began.

First, they removed the entire romantic veil, and later abandoned the Camel Trophy. The design of the pack itself with each new idea became more and more concise, until it turned into a golden color.

The appearance of the cigarette pack is also very original, because it has a yellow grainy shade, resembling sand dunes. On the pack is a picture of a camel and the caption "Camel", denoting the corresponding animal. Named colors and patterns are classic, and for a long time a pack of Camel cigarettes looked exactly like that.

In 2008, the company made the final rebranding. Both the composition of the tobacco mixture and the packaging design were changed. The famous camel has become even more clear and traced. The pack was painted in iridescent golden and blue.

Camel Blue is a flavor with a reduced amount of key components, the values of which look a little different than the classic product - Camel Filters. The nicotine content in this brand is 0.5 mg along with 6 mg of tar.

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