Bond street Blue



Classic flavor. Lights. Regular king size.

Tar content: 6 mg, Nicotine content: 0.5 mg

Sales unit is: 1 carton with 10 packs each.

(20 filter cigarettes in each pack)

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Bond Street brand has been created only at the beginning of the 20th century and immediately gained huge popularity among wealthy smokers, high society and even the Belgian king, who granted the image of the crown to a pack of his favorite smoke. This was evidence of the honorary title of "supplier of the royal court." The first brand, decorated with a royal badge of honor, became Old Bond Street cigarettes - Old Bond Street. The brand retains the image of the crown on the pack.

The Morris family itself (the founding father passed away at the end of the XIX century) did not have time to enjoy the success of the tobacco trade. In 1919, enterprising Americans noticed their company, and a new corporation with a similar name was registered in Virginia. In memory of the British past, there was only a coat of arms with a royal crown, which can still be found on packs of Philip Morris International products. And this corporation has more important than Bond brands in its portfolio - for example, the famous Marlboro.

It should be noted that cigarettes acquired a modern look not from the beginning. It's not about the absence of the filter that appeared later. The first hand-rolled sticks are more properly called “cigarillos” or “pahitos”, since small Turkish tobacco is twisted into a large tobacco leaf. With the advent of soaked with nitrate (at an early stage) paper for wrapping tobacco, as well as the machine line for twisting tobacco leaves, this smoke has acquired a more or less modern look.

Perhaps, if you compare the history of the development of the Bond Street brand with other brands of cigarettes, then it will seem too boring and calm. There were no tricky marketing moves, as in the case of Camel promotion, or using Hollywood and radio stars, as Chesterfield advertisers loved to do. Everything is very decent. Maybe this is due to the fact that Bond has always focused on the audience with an average income and did not climb to compete with the premium class. That is, they moved into the masses purely due to a reasonable combination of quality and price.

Each of the cigarettes contains a filter and a smoking part. Raw materials in the cut product. Tobacco wrapped in special paper. It is believed that the filter detains harmful tars.

But tar and special substances in cigarettes are necessary because they accelerate the burning of tobacco. Most of the substances that should not be ingested are found in strong flavor types.

Ordinary thin Bond cigarettes contain a reduced level of harmful substances. These components are filtered when smoking and enter the body in negligible quantities. But it is worth remembering: do not neglect the safety rules, it is desirable to control the number of consumed cigarettes and try to smoke as little as possible.

Bond cigarettes are produced using modern technologies, and laboratory experts are constantly working to create the least harmful types of products. Tobacco products are divided by taste and strength.

Lights or Blue Bond is a blue and white pack, with 0.5 mg of nicotine and less than 6 mg of tar in each cigarette. Bond Street Blue are produced using automated systems on the conveyor.

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